Standalone Windows Package for Jitsi VideoBridge


Few months back there were standalone JVB packages published under: I have been successfully using ./jvb.bat script on Windows. Right now all links are returning 404 making me stuck on some older version of JVB.

Do you have any plans to re-publish these packages soon?
If not, what would be the easiest way to run JVB server on Windows?

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There are no plans for that at the moment. The jvb is non OS dependent at the moment, so just building the source and running it is fine. And one package can be used on all platforms …

@bbaldino what do you think? Should we upload some archive with pre-build binaries? We also need to remove the link from the main README if we are not going to do those assemblies as it is broken now.

jvb.bat still exists though there’s a chance it needs some updating. Like damyan said, JVB should run fine on windows…just run it like any java app.

@damencho what binaries would we publish?

@bbaldino we were doing mvn package … or something like that in the past, something you unzip and run with no jdk requirement, just runtime, the same we do for the PR tests, I think. Before it was os specific, now it will not be, will be one generic binary.

Seems we stopped doing it around January :slight_smile: last build there is, …

Ah I see…yeah we can still build an archive, but I didn’t realize we used to build them proactively and publish them and now we’re not.