Stable releases and github tags

I’m packaging the jitsi-meet suite for Archlinux and wondered, what’s up
with the releases of jitsi-meet [0] and jicofo [1].
It seems like your jenkins instance is releasing every commit as a new
release, leading to ridiculously fast release rates that noone can
reasonably keep up with.
Also, the naming seems somewhat strange, sometimes having a jitsi-meet_
prefix and sometimes not and also going back and forth with release
If you’d be so kind to shortly explain where to find releases considered
stable that would be much appreciated.
Thanks you in advance


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We are trying to move away from tags for every build, we did that for jvb2, jigasi and jibri, but we still haven’t moved the rest of the projects, due to lack of time. The versions will be based on git describe and are holding the commit hash, where for those still using the old one like jitsi-meet-web and jicofo, those are incremented build numbers in jenkins.

So every build of the meta packet called jitsi-meet is tagged across projects with jitsi-meet_XXXX tag, this way you can get the version from the meta package and the corresponding sources.

There are tags done on stable release.
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