Stable Apt Repo Inconsistent State

I am using the Stable Apt Repo ( to install jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve noticed some of the Packages and Sources files are out of sync.

Specifically the Packages.gz, Packages.bz2, Sources.gz, and Sources.bz2 files have not been updated since January. This is causing problems as they have old content with programs like apt-mirror. The Packages/Packages.xz and Sources/Sources.xz seem to be current.

Can these files be updated?

Will check it out and remove those …

Thank you!

How is it now? Should be fine now.

Looks good now! Legacy files are no longer there…Thank you for the quick response!

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Hi all! I also am using apt-mirror and noticed inconsistency in what packages are mirrored.
This could be due to a bug in apt-mirror itself or possibly the repo.
As we have many repos mirror and never had an issue I have a feeling this might be something repo related.

Right now, for some reason, we can only mirror packages up to the version 1.0.3729.
Everything else won’t be loaded. I also just noticed that other packages are also not mirrored correctly. jibri for example is also mirrored for the version -14.

Do you @jkman340 notice the same issue?
Could this also be related to not making the newer versions public in the SHA file directory for example?

How does that mirror work? A few months ago we moved the download location and something may have gone wrong.

As far as I know it checks the Release and Packages file and also SHA file/directory for available packages.
So if either of those are outdated it will not fetch all packages.

I will check those files and see if my assumption is correct.

Release and Packages files should be correct as otherwise the repo will not be working, we pushed new stable on Monday

Right, that makes sense. I can’t make sense of how apt-mirror fetches the latest packages.
As apt-mirror is a project which needs maintainers and has some issues I don’t think we should spend more time on this.
I appreciate the effort though. For now I manually downloaded all the latest files and put it on the internal mirror. For now, this works.

If someone else on the internet stumbles across this post: leave your wisdom here if you have a solution. Thanks.

The old files have shown back up in the repo and again are causing problems. Can you please check if there is some build job that is adding them back in by mistake?

Will do, thanks for the heads up.

Should be fine, I think I have removed the files on the public place, but not from the place we sync on build time which copied them again.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response!