Stability/Reliability/Scaling of jitsi meet

I’ve heard in quite some places now that Jitsi Meet is less reliable/doesn’t work as stable for larger meetings (let’s say >6 persons). Many people praise Zoom as “it just works” (see for example the thread at

Of course, Zoom, being a commercial product, probably has a lot more resources to work on the product. I like Jitsi Meet, so I wonder to make it better. Are there any known, technical reasons for this? Any architectural or technical aspects that make Jitsi perform worse for large conferences? How can we improve stability in real-world network conditions, with varying quality and often highly asymmetric connection speeds?

You can try it on with more than 6 participants and tell us whether it is fine.
We had struggled with high volume of participants the last few weeks, bit now things should be stable and operational as usual. We continue monitoring and fixing stuff we find …

The most common problem for self-deployed is server hit by high bandwidth and cannot cope, not tweaking the systctl config (we do that on install time for jvb) and stuff like that.