Stability problems with 60+ users

Hi there, since two days we are using meet.Jit.Si for videoconferences with 10 to 80 participants.

Tonight we where starting the videoconference with 60 people and we discovered a few problems:

  • sometimes the performance was shocky
  • with 60 people where a lot of videos muted, so we could only see about 6 participants, while all cams were on
  • recording stopped after 15min. When started again, it stopped recording after 5 min, and then in was recording till I manually stopped it.


  • how can I manage stable video conferences with 100users
  • why did recording stopped and how can I fix it?

Hope to hear en get some help. Thanks in advance

With difficulty, I’m afraid, as there’s a hard limit of 75, and optimal performance stops around 35 or so.

Do you need all 100 to be able to talk / share their video? Or could they be passive recipients via live streaming?

Thanks for your reply. When they enter the room, they are greeting the host (manager) and then they listen to the speech. After the speech they can interact. Because we are recording, we prefer to see live faces.

Sadly, I think you’ll struggle with that number of people.

OK. Thanks. I understand.

Of topic: can I managed own server to reach more people?

You could try, but if jitsi cannot support more than that on their server — recognising they are the experts in this — I am sceptical.

Of course, that sounds logical. And is the most stable and best server I ques.

Do you think the recording problems also were linked to the amount of users?

Thanks again.

I haven’t used the recording side of things, so I could not say. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

@Familie_Hortensius we’ve hosted several meetings with more than 100 users without issues.

Recorders aren’t an issue either.