SSO-SAML/Audit Trails on Jitsi as a Service


I apologise if this is the wrong forum for the question, but I wasn’t sure where else to ask.

We are considering the purchase of a JaaS plan, but couldn’t find any further data on enterprise authentication implementation on the product. Does anyone if they offer integrations with some kind of identity provider? SSO? SAML?

Additionally, does JaaS offer audit trails (user activity, account changes, etc.) on their dashboard?

Appreciate your help!!

This is up to your implementation. You will be using jwt tokens you will be generating on your end, and how is that managing authentication is up to you.

Not sure about that, you need to ask support for it. But basically, you enter once as an admin in the JaaS console to set up things, and you no longer need to enter on that dashboard? Are you thinking that users will have access there and that’s why you are asking?

Thank you so much for your reply.

With regard to audit trails - yes, you are right. We are considering the scenario where multiple users may have access to the JaaS console. Other than contacting support, any further advice on this?

Again, thank you.

You just want to have multiple admins, and you want to track what changes those admins do to the jaas settings for your account?

I’m trying to clarify the question, as I have the feeling that you mean that normal service/meeting users will be accessing the jaas account settings? That is not the case, those will be accessing your login system where your backend will be creating jwt tokens and passing it to the iframe, so any settings/dashboards you have are managed by you, and the trails are up to you to create in your login system.