SSL issues AWS

Hi, manged to install to AWS but no matter what i do i can’t get SSL working. I have a domain i purchased via Route53. Could somone please give me a run down on how to configure SSL to work with Route53.

Also should mention when installed without SSL (not sure if this is the issue) there is no option to screen share in either firefox or chrome.

You cannot use webrtc at all over http.

Ahh so i am correct its an SSL issue in regards to screen sharing?

I suspect so …

How you installed the SSL certificate?
Are you using a single instance or ALB?

Route53, ALB, Haproxy, Shards with nginx, prosody and jicofo on one machine and multiple bridges per shard in auto-scale group.

@Reece_Ketley are you requested a certificate in ACM?, if you are using ALB you need to attach your SSL from ACM, additional create a listener on port 443 and forward to your Target Group

I was able to fix thios with ACM. Thanks guys.

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