SSL Certificate Help


New to Jitsi here.

We have Jitsi running on an Ubuntu VM. Its installed and everything is working, but we need to change out the SSL certificate. I’ve already created a certificate pointing to our internal CA - but with my limited knowledge of Jitsi (and Ubuntu), im having trouble figuring out the proper way to have jitsi use this new .crt and .key file.

Does anyone have experience with this and could give me some step-by-step on how to install and use a new cert?


What is the webserver used?

If you didn’t have apache or nginx before installing jitsi-meet, you are running the jetty that is inside the jvb and you need to update/create a jks storage with your new certificates. This is done with the self-signed certs in the default installation. Here are the two commands that does that:

If you are using nginx or apache it is just changing a path in their config file for the virtual host created for jitsi-meet.