Spotlight a speaker

Hi. I am looking to hopefully use Jitsi to show a performance /magic show to a group of kids and adults. Is it possible on jitsi to have myself spotlighted larger on the screen for everyone to see and to stay that way. But also still want everyone else to be able to see each other. Basically like me having an audience watching a show. Is that possible?

Unless you have a magical giant screen, I can’t see that happening. At some point it will be necessary to limit the number of thumbnails for audience. The only thing I know you can try - and as a performer you know you have to test things before the event - is to set ‘follow me’ in the options.
And don’t use for an event with potentially mischievous and unsupervised kids or it will end badly.

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Yes. First you need to be the moderator in the meeting. On everyone is a moderator. Consider self-hosting and getting someone’s help to be moderator while you perform.

Then you need to enable “Follow me” in the settings (last tab). This will show everyone the same image/view as you (tile, highlight someone etc.). Small thumbnails will appear/disappear on the side by pressing F.

I advise practicing this beforehand with at least 2 other participants. This could be on a PC, Tablet and mobile phone if you don’t know anyone to test with you.

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Thanks for that. :grin: