Speech to Text - only english available?

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merry christmas.

I installed all components to get speech to text running. Now I have the problem, that it provides only the english language. I need it in german. Does anyone know where i can switch from default lang english to another?

I need it for a group of deaf people. Speaker talks in german, transcription should be in german as well. Thanks in advance.


There is a feature in jigasi for changing languages, but there is no UI for that. You can test it does it work for you. If you enter a meeting and transcriptions are enabled and working, you can open in your browser the Developer console and execute: APP.conference._room.setLocalParticipantProperty('transcription_language', 'de_DE') and then when you speak in German you should be transcribed as such …
Try it and report, does it work :slight_smile:

Hello Damian,

yes it‘s working fine. Now my question is how i‘m able to put this code in Jigasi by default. Is there any file i can use?

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Nope, there is no such setting in jigasi.
As you saw this is per client, so you need to modify jitsi-meet or lib-jitsi-meet to set it when the participant requests it (sets it).

Thanks for your quick response. I understand.

Does anyone know what files are loading in the browser, if the room is entered? I was thinking to put a JavaScript code in the interface_config.js, but it doesn´t work unfortunately. Another try on the index file wasn´t successful either. Would be a great help.

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Alvaro Moreno

Hello, @damencho, How are you?
Can you please clarify more exactly which file I should modify that it would work fine?

Hi, @damencho, Are you talking about this file: /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js if yes, then can you please tell me check my code where I am mistake?

console.log("DE Language will Apply");
console.log("DE Language Applied");
}, 2000);