Specify number of conferences per Jitsi Videobridge?

Hi Experts,

Background: I am currently testing jitsi scalable setup for 20 parallel conferences with 50 participants each and have observed participants blacked out or dropped off the bridge when underlying JVB got overutilized. I am using 20 JVBs with single jitsi meet server. Further investigation, these parallel conferences are not evenly spread across JVBs. Found multiple conferences on single JVB while few didn’t host any conference at all

Question: Is there a parameter which can be used to set max conferences on a single JVB? In my case if I set it in a way that each JVB hosts 1 conference max, I will get even distribution.

Thanks in advance!

You can set max participants per bridge jicofo/reference.conf at adaedbfd013e14462f53f7ffe616a3a186a26d51 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

Hi @damencho, thanks for your response but I am actually looking for max conferences per jvb, not max participants per bridge.

There is no such setting as it doesn’t make much sense, cause you may have 2 bridges, each having a conference and conf 1 has 2 participants using p2p and the second has a conference with 50 people …

how do you manage to spread the conferences then? I run 20 parallel conferences with 50 users each where I have 20 identical JVB’s. Some JVB’s get over utilized hampering the conference experience, while other JVB’s have no conference hosted on them at all.
I determined JVB size by running a benchmarking test of 50 users in a single conference. I have a simple ask that I want 20 such conferences in parallel. If max conferences per jvb doesn’t make sense, then what would be the best way to achieve this?

Actually, Jicofo does a great job of loadbalancing the bridges. If your JVBs are configured correctly, Jicofo typically selects the least loaded bridge for every new conference. If that’s not your experience, perhaps something is wrong with your deployment.

Thanks @Freddie. Let me go ahead and validate my deployment. I will keep this thread updated for benefit of others