SPECIFICATIONS for a Live Online Virtual Architect’s Conference Room

Hey all,

We are an interior architecture company specialized in workspace design: offices, coworkings, business centers…

We wish to implement an interactive live video chat, on our website’s https://www.arnold.fr home page, in order to be able to discuss with our potential new customers. We want to answer their questions live, by video or chat, without the need for the guest to log in. One of our architects will be in front of a webcam, ready to answer their questions.

We want the user experience to be as easy as possible, as if the client was knocking on the architect’s door (not in a meeting style, nor a “workshop” conference style). Access to the architect must be as direct as possible. (one of our exemple is https://www.xlovecam.com, which we want to apply to our professional field).

Essential Features :

  • Live Synchronous online video chat
  • Users must be able to access the chat without having to log in
  • Simplified access for users to the video chat, or mic only (maybe by simply entering a name?)
  • This live online conference room must be visible and accessible directly ⇒ it has to be available on the website’s home page

Secondary Features :

  • Interface to display opening hours (9h-13h to 13h-18h?).
  • Possibility to share attachments, being able to doodle on the screen/ whiteboard, display documents and share links
  • Possibility to have multiple chat rooms, if there is more than one customer (an open main room, and multiple private sub-rooms?)
  • Possibility to schedule appointments
  • Asynchrone conference room, with access to VODs, etc…
  • A chatbot, to direct the customer to different ressources?
  • The experience must remain as simple as possible

Would you have a solution for us?

Waiting for your answers,
William - arnold architects