Specification to run

Newbie here. Can Jitsi or other associate software running within Jitsi run a conference webinar for a charity foundation with up to a possible 1000 people on line at one time listening and viewing the webinar conference?.. If not what is the limit of persons able to connect to a conference? I want to be able have a scripting ability ( like IRC, Skype etc…) but also have control on who at the moment to invite people to the screen (could be up to 24 screens) and have them speak and interject their views. Also want to be able to record and save video conferences to any cloud service (not just drop box), public and/or private. I have not been able to fully understand as yet… as most of the YT videos I have seen… are just a couple of people, but one person did say that it has unlimited connections as long as you can support the bandwidth. Can anyone fill questions with regards to capabilities of Jisti and other APIs etc… associated.
Thank you,… Gee…

For your use case look into Jitsi’s Jibri component. It supports streaming a meeting to youtube which will let you scale up to 1000 people watching and also handle recording/saving. So you’d run Jitsi, give access to that machine to the 24 people, and then stream over Jibri for the audience.

It’s absolutely possible to scale up to big interactive meetings using Jitsi out of the box. The commercial JaaS product maxes out at 500 person meetings.