Specific Room to torture

Hello all,

I want to test a specific room with the torture test.
Is there a way to bypass the URL generation which sets the baseURL+prefix+integer to just the url I enterd into the command?
This would be great, because then I can enter a room URL together with the jwt token.

ex…/scripts/malleus.sh --conferences=1 --participants=5 --senders=5 --audio-senders=5 --duration=300 --room-name-prefix="" --hub-url=http://hub:4444/wd/hub --instance-url=https://subdomain.example.com/testconference?jwt=here.comesthe.JWT

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You can pass --room-name-prefix and it will add index to it based on the number of conferences … but there is no option at the moment in the code to pass the exact room name to join …

This is what I did, but it would be so helpfull when index 0 does not add any extension to it or to check if conferences == 0 and then not adding a 0. I will take a look if I can make a PR to github to do this.


I will also be interested in passing jwt token like you have described. let me also check out this possibilty

There are tests that already pass jwt

That would help for any further improvements.

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Hello @damencho,
I changed now the Code and I can now torture explicit rooms.
When I torture a room with no JWT authentication then the videos are shown without any problem.
But when I torture a room which is secured with a token I get the the sessionID which is shown correctly, but the user is not visible in the conference. I there a way to get the chrom logs in the nodes? Or do you know if the connection mechanism is different to the normal rooms?

The PR is coming when the jwt stuff is working too.

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Normally when tests fails there is a listener that extracts what is needed… But you are running malleus I guess … You can look at failure listener class abd try getting the logs the way it is done there

The test does not fail, that is my problem. I think that the node is connected correctly but it seems that the client is not able to enter the room. And yes, I´m running Malleuse

This is my output.

Hello @kkd,
I build a new version also with docker and added a small instruction here.

Here you can now torture a specific room also with jwt
The englisch is not the very best :wink: but it should work.