Specialized need: 1-on-n videoconferencing for a juvenile prison

I have what is undoubtedly a niche within a niche, but here goes:

I’m looking for a videoconferencing solution for a juvenile prison/treatment center. While all schools in the Netherlands are closed, this facility counts as a medical treatment center, and attending school is part of the treatment, and the pupils can easily be isolated from one another, so this “school” is not closed under the same directive.

Given the restrictions in place at such facilities, the pupils cannot be allowed to have internet access, so I’m looking for a videoconferencing system that could run isolated within the facility, with the addon restriction that the pupils cannot be allowed to have contact between themselves without prior approval and monitoring capability of the teacher per each such session – it would be totally acceptable if no contact was possible through the vidconf setup between pupils. Pupils need to be able to hail, see and hear the teacher, and vice versa, and preferably both should be able to share their desktop or a program on it towards one another. Systems of teachers and students can be assumed to be running windows 10, but probably both fairly locked down.

Is this something Jitsi could be made to do? A separate server being bought to run jitsi would not be a problem.