Speaker Quality Feedback

I very often experience speaker problems in multi-person conferences in general. With all kind of applications (Skype, Zoom, Jitsi, etc.). Sometimes the speaker has connection problems, sometimes the Internet is slow, whatever. The problem for me and maybe for others is, that there is no real feedback for the speaker himself, nor for the listeners. (Is he really quiet ? vs. Do they hear me, why are they so quiet ?). What i would like to have is a speaker quality status in form of a traffic light and/or a sound ,for the speaker and also for the listeners. Here my idea how this be could achieved, but iā€™m open for any other solution.

  • Analyse Mediastreams
  • Detect packet loss or any other detectable problem
  • Send a speaker status message periodically to every participant. (Good, Warning, Error)
  • If the message fails to appear, display red status etc.
  • if the messages is received display the status.

Of course there are some open questions ?

  • is this realistic ?
  • Who sends this messages ?
  • How often are those messages sent ?
  • what is the influence on the bandwidht ?

Who is interested to work on this problem or is it just my problem ?

Michael Wittmann