Spatial audio for Jitsi Meet - GSOC 22

Hi , I am Bhavy airi a sophomore from IET ,Agra India I have knowledge of react.js and I know WebRtc as well as I was working with on Xmpp project but due to some issues the people from Russia and Belarus were no longer allowed to participate due to which project took a step back I was looking for orgs which has js and webrtc so I found u guys as I know time is short before the proposals begin so I will be needing a little guidance ,so that within 10 days I would get to know main things for this project and how the mentor is planning to take it forward while coding in gsoc period … I would love to contribute to this project and I know I can help … waiting for mentors reply :slight_smile:

One of the mentors here :wave:

Hello sir, what do u think I should do first …

First get yourself familiar with the project. Our handbook is a good place to start: Jitsi Meet | Jitsi Meet

There is a project built with lib-jitsi-meet which implemented spatial audio: GitHub - capnmidnight/Calla: Virtual Meetups through Jitsi maybe it can provide some insight.

Most importantly, prepare a good application!

cool , will u help me in checking if my proposal is good enough !! that will be really helpful )

We can provide feedback once we get the proposals.

thats nice to hear , so will create till 15 and rest will be your feedback …

I am unable to find any good first or moderate kind of issues labeled … so if u suggest any that could make me understand the project more ,then it will be relally appreciated …

Hey! @saghul I’m Ajeya, an undergrad student from India. I’ve been working on this for the last 2 weeks or so. I feel I’ve got a good enough understanding of the idea but may lack some technical aspects. Where do I submit my draft proposal? (There’s a ‘submit proposal’ button on the GSoC page itself but I feel that is for the final proposal.)

We don’t have filed issues about it AFAICT. The handbook I linked earlier is a good place to start.

I don’t think there is a way to send draft proposals. Feel free to link it here.


Hi I am Sarthak Biswas, I deployed Jitsi Meet on my local machine by following this guide [How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide but instead of using https with certbot I used http on localhost. Now the problem I am facing is that I could create a meeting but it gets disconnected after a minute, did I do something wrong or is it an issue with http? Can someone suggest whats causing the problem ? Thank you :blush:

@Entropy_0 when you have questions or problems create your own topic and do not hijack others that are for something different.

This is not deployment, this is running just the client locally using a proxy (webpack-dec-proxy) which connect to a deployment, by default that is alpha jitsi net. You cannot use a webrtc app with http location you need to open it with https.

Thank you very much. And sorry for the inconvenience.