Spanish (Latin America) translation has been completed, please update


I’ve just reviewed and completed missing translations for Spanish (Latin America).

Can you please make sure I used the latest template and apply the update to Jitsi Meet ? Thanks in advance.

If you could confirm these are the steps to contribute to translation, I can add it to the contributors document:

  1. Post a message on the community forum indicating your intention to contribute, mention which language(s). In the same post request an update of the templates so you’re certain you’re working on the latest version of the language files.
  2. Register an account on
  3. Click on the language you wish to help with at
  4. You can review existing suggestions under “Suggestions” or help translate missing translation under “Need translation”
  5. Once the translation is 100% completed, post again in a separate post to the community forum and request to have Jitsi Meet updated with the translation

Thank you!

That seems fine. Thank you.

I noticed a new mobile version (19.5.0) however some strings are still not translated.
Did I miss something when submitting the translation ?

Nope, I didn’t have time to work on that. Will try to do it in the following days.

Thanks for clarifying.