Source for version 1.16.0 of the Jitsi Meet SDK for Android?


About 19 days ago, version 1.16.0 of the Jitsi Meet SDK for Android was released in the Maven repository. Thanks!

I’d like to fork at that exact point.

The gradle script in the Meet source code still refers to version 1.9.0. What was the state of the code when the release was made?


@lmarinov As you pushed the artifacts, I’m suspecting that you’re the one that can figure this out :slight_smile:


7186a9c7 (which is tags jitsi-meet_3088 and 2829) with commit subject “fix(base/participants): ensure default local id outside of conference” followed by a cherry-pick of 693b1c39 with commit subject “Fix joining a locked room”.

The build is performed from a fork of github:jitsi/jitsi-meet from which the Jitsi Meet app in Google Play and App Store is released. The latter contains app, not SDK private information such as Fabric/Crashlytics API keys.

If you want to fork at that “exact” point, maybe we can create a branch or a tag where we replay the cherry-pick and have up-to-date gradle script versions for the SDK and its third-party dependencies deployed in github:jitsi/jitsi-maven-repository?


Thanks! I’ve since found various issues which will likely prevent me from using the 1.16.0 artifacts anyway, so at this stage there’s no point anymore in recreating a branch/tag that reflects the state of the code for 1.16.0 (at least, not for me). It does, however, seems reasonable to make sure that such a tag is available for any future releases of the SDK.