Source code build error in MAC os

I have downloaded source of Jitsimeet and successfully modified as per requirements.
I made changes in MAC BOOK PRO 2021 M1 with Monterey.
The problem I am facing is when I create the build, As per documentation I am using following command for build.
npm install
dpkg-buildpackage -A -rfakeroot -us -uc -tc

rm -fr build
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot not found, either install the fakeroot
package, specify a command with the -r option, or run this as root

Can somebody guide me what I am missing might we do not create build in Mac we have to create build using linux.

Please guys help me out this problem.


If I’m not mistaken, I think you can later make edits in Mac OS, but your initial build needs to be done in a Linux environment.

You cannot build the Debian packages on macOS.

Ok Thanks, Yap I am pushing modified code on linux machine and then make the build.

I have created Debian packages using linux. Following output I have got.

Now I wanted to install these packages. Can somebody guide me the sequence to install these packages, previously I followed the online packages and installation was very straight forward but I made some modifications and wanted to install with my customized changes.

Guys please guide me installation instructions/sequence.


You should be able to do apt install *.deb

Thank you so much I am in middle of installation, this screen appears which does not appear when I install the jitsi build so please guide me what should I enter in this screen. Thanks

The process has changed, don’t worry about it.

Install current Jitsi-meet in a VM with vanilla Debian install then add your built packages and you will not have any strange questions. You will have to force the install because the version numbers are wrong, but that’s all right you are not doing this in production right ?
If you don’t install Jitsi-meet first, you have to understand first how everything works.

I am playing with jitsi for last 2 months or so. Now a days I am working on frontend customization and during deployment I faced some challenges so doing research on internet its better to ask with community and get the prompt response. I highly appreciate the jitsi community for running this beautiful project.