Sound quality

I just used Jitsi for the first time to try it out. The person I was working with was using an android phone and I was using my PC. When she put me on speaker she could hear me but I could hardly hear her. My sound was all the way up. When she first entered the meeting I could hear her very well but she could hardly hear me because I wasn’t on speaker yet. Any solutions? I would prefer to use this format rather than Zoom.

That’s due to her crappy mic and not due to Jitsi.

Most smartphones have really bad microphones. They are built for someone who’s mouth is very close to it. If you are on speaker and the phone is placed in the middle of the table, then:

  • People sitting so they face the bottom of the phone will be heard better than people facing the top of the phone. This is because the mic is at the bottom and faces downward.

  • People with high pitch voices (like my teenage nieces) will be hard to hear if they are more than a few feet away. People with deep voices (like myself) can be easily heard across a room. This is because most cheap mics are better are picking up deep voices than high pitch voices.

The mic wants nearby voices that are deep. If this isn’t her, then tell her to talk louder, slower, enunciate clearly, and use a deep voice.