Sound issues: grounding, jerky, jittery

Hi, we had good sound in the latest meetings, via 2 reverse proxies we have (aws global accelerator, and an aws nginx reverse proxy for vultr instance where jitsi server is for us).
But in the last meeting, one user of the 3 was sounding like grounding sounds. When I proposed to mute all but that user, the sound was much better initially. But soon it started to become highly interrupted, making it hard for me to follow. They went out and back in but it started again. Likely they have issues with their wifi as well. Wonder if removing the reverse proxies would help lower the jitter or interruption pattern…but aws global edge is supposed to lower the jitter. Can I choose any alternative Audio Codec, other than OPUS? Would it ever make sense? Should I configure a lower image resolution to allow more bandwith for sound? Thank you

there is no other codec. You can try to set enableOpusRed: true in config.js it is supposed to increase the bandwidth for sound - so if you have already bad image quality it will be worse :slight_smile:

edit: the better option is of course to replace wifi by a nice rj45 cabling.

Thx. I am using cable, I am talking about a user who only has wifi. Besides RED I noticed the existence of FEC, forward error correction, which seems to be the current thing in Voice Engine in Chrome. Is there a way to enable it do you know? Thanks

sorry I don’t even know what is Voice Engine in Chrome.

We have seen such problems coming from the device or the drivers of the device…
If the user stops its video or chnage to low bandwidth mode and the sound becomes better it is definitely bandwidth related