Sound issues and Jitsi desktop


Unfortunately I am having a lot of issues using the Jitsi meet via the website. The sound echoes every time I speak and I have never had this happen with Zoom or other videoconferencing programs. I only have the microphone in my computer but it works well with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. I looked at the Comprehensive Guide page which is very helpful but unfortunately doesn’t help with this issue. I was trying to find a solution and ended up downloading Jitsi desktop as I had wondered whether the problem might be fixed with Jitsi desktop. But I can’t figure how to create a meeting and invite someone to it using Jitsi desktop?

Many thanks


Welcome to the forum, Kate.

What browser were you using? Did you have the meeting open in two tabs/windows in the browser or in two browsers on the same machine?

As per the desktop app, my suspicion is that you downloaded the wrong app. The app you need for Jitsi Meet (videoconferencing) can be downloaded at:

Thanks so much for this Freddie this is really helpful! I was using the Mozilla Firefox browser each time. I only had the meeting open in one browser and one tab within that browser.

I uninstalled the Jitsi desktop app I had installed and installed the one you sent - the one I installed had a similar icon in my start menu but it didn’t do things like initiate a tour after installation or allow me to create a meeting! Whereas the one you did did allow this - and it allowed me to join a meeting I had created in the past. So I am going to try meeting with my friend again (in a few days) using the Jitsi desktop app you kindly showed me and see whether it works this time. I’ve made a note to make another post letting you know how I go

Thanks :smiley:


Hi Freddie
I tried meeting with my friend using the Jitsi desktop program you gave me but unfortunately my computer stopped functioning when I tried to use it and after the first minute I couldn’t hear or see my friend. So then I tried connecting to the meeting using Chrome. This time I didn’t get the feedback every time I spoke (like I did when I connected to the meeting via Mozilla Firefox) so the sound was great. But with Chrome I couldn’t see my friend! She had her camera on. So unfortunately it was a choice of either having the sound issues with Firefox or the lack of video with Chrome :frowning: Do you have any suggestions or should I give up?


Sounds like something to do with the computer you’re using (or maybe your network). What operating system is your computer running? Do you have another computer you could test with? What about if you try to connect using your phone?