Sound error

Hi there,
i have a jitsi docker installation with jwt authentication. I don’t have a pre join room.

When i am alone in the conference i want to play a sound like a phone ringing (the jitsi app has already the audio elements, but in safari `["features/base/sounds"].get("BOO_SOUND_1”).audioElement"

` is “undefined”) , so i have to insert in html other audio element.

It works on windows (firefox and chrome) and in android (webview) but i have problems in a mac and iphone ( Not allowed error: the request is not allowed by the user agent ot the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission ). I understand this because ther’s no user gesture and the sound policies. But there’s no chance to work this around?

When a user join to this conference, suddenly i listen everything, or there’s nothing to do with it ?

Thank you


Thank you