Sound doesn't work, reload and then it is ok for the rest of the conference


since some weeks, we noticed this behavior.
We are currently running: jitsi/jvb:stable-7001 and we noticed this behavior on, and even on 8x8.
For me, I can reproduce for every conference. But I didn’t identify a client log that could help debug.
I’m not sure it is a regression of Jitsi or firefox (I think I also have the bug on chromium, but I have to retry)

So basically, there is a conference with already a person in it. I join, and then, either I can’t hear her, or she can’t hear me, I reload, and then all is good for us, and if other people join it is also good.

Did you notice equivalent behavior? I searched the forum and the git for such issue, didn’t find something that looks related, and I didn’t report before because, it is hard to describe, and I have nothing tangible to offer like a log.

I there is anything I can provide that could help debug this? Do you see it with callstat on 8x8?

Thanks for reading the message, and I hope we find a solution together :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of anything like thus myself, but I asked around just in case.