Sound distorted with other voices

I have been using Jitsi meet public Server since I corrupted my secure server. I am making a room for 4/5 people once a week learning French but tonight it became almost un-useable because it became very difficult to hear.
Can anyone please advise if it is something I must expect or if there is something I/we could do to reduce the problems?
I think its something like we used to experience many analogue years ago called co-channel interference!!
Here are some details of me self diagnosis!:
5 in room and password set
3 using Chrome and Win10
Me using Fedora 32 and Chromium and 1 using Win 10 and Edge (although he was told to use Chrome)
Time was from 20:00 Hrs British Summer Time and got worse after 30 minutes but improved a little later.
Asked each person to turn off mic and check for feedback improvement, it did improve slightly with one person but still a problem.
When everyone silent there was no other sound but started immediately any person spoke.
What is the likely cause and can I improve the situation?
If it is the Jitsi meet server usage, I will build my own again, I will also ask all users to use a preferred browser.
I did find that some people were asked to download an extension but I think nobody did which might be causing a problem.

I am fighting a battle as 2 users are insisting they never have this problem with Zoom!!


Just in case people are interested in resolving this sort of problem I thought I would give information on how I sorted it out.
As there were no replies I decided it was not a Jitsi problem of software or server and started to re-check all users were keeping to my advice of OS and Browser and not sure what browser was used! After checking who was initiating the problem I eventually found they were using Windows 7 on an eleven year old PC! On changing to an eight year old laptop running windows 10, all was well and everyone’s sound and video has improved.
FWIW I found his bandwidth was about a quarter of everyone else’s!


This problem is still persisting and I think it maybe due to the server(s).
Can someone confirm the possible indications of servers becoming unstable/overloaded?

The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I have done the following tests:
I have two groups of French classes (4 to 6 users), one on a Monday evening (7PM GMT) and one on a Tuesday morning (10AM GMT).
The one in the morning works perfectly every week but the one on Monday is almost unusable with interference/dropped frames. One of the users insists his old PC works OK in the evenings with “Zoom”"!! but I insisted it was his old PC/OS.
Today I opened a room for the class and all was OK, I then asked the same group of 4 to go into the room at 7PM just to prove I was right and the problem was due to users with old H/W and S/W…
the meeting again had the same distorted sound so I now thinks it is something to to with the Jitsi server(s). If it is, is there any way I can see if there is a problem?

I did have my own server running (but messed it up when trying to update prosody for duplicate frozen entries) perhaps I should make time to rebuild my own again if it will solve the problems!?

Thanks for your time

We had identified an issue in the bridge which started becoming a problem after chrome 86 release last week and which is causing these kinds of issues. We will be doing a new release soon to address those. Thank you for the report.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I understand there does not seem to be this problem with Zoom, is this likely to be they do not use a similar bridge or, could it be the Zoom developers worked with Chrome to make sure they were compatible!?

Would it be worth asking users to change to something like Microsoft Edge or are all browsers likely to be affected as they are upgraded?

Have you (and other developers) found the problem(s) of still investigating, if so do you have approximate timescale for the new release?

It is strange that with 4/5 users during the morning it works fine but at 7pm the same users have the problem, that’s why I suspected server bandwidth. I realize its free but is there any monitoring of the service or do you not have any control over it?

The day group are really quite happy with their experiences but the evening group is not. We can put up with very low resolution at slow frame rates (some went down to 5fps) but not hearing the teacher very well makes the classes difficult and time consuming because of asking people to repeat their questions/answers.
I hope these problems are quickly resolved because I don’t want to chang to something like Zoom unless I really have to!

You should try now and report, we had pushed an update.

I just had a meeting with three other Linux User Group (Bristol UK) and although not perfect it went well. There were occasional freezes and you could still hear a very small amount of the same distortion but this was also quite rare and would not have raised a query on the Forum.
there were two users on Chrome and two on latest Firefox browsers.
It was noticed that the bandwidth of all user varied as did the video resolutions.

In summary it seemed much better but not perfect.
If you want any further information please let me know.

I will be trying again with my Monday group next week and will give feedback.