Sound delay in jitsi meet

I host a twice weekly Jitsi-meet video conference, and stream it to YouTube. I’m using a desktop PC with adequate bandwidth and processing power. My mic and camera are an integrated USB Logitech C-270 unit. My audio output is a set of PC speakers plugged into the front phone jack.

Lately, I have been having a sound delay that causes me to interrupt other people’s conversations. It’s irritating because it breaks the flow of conversation, and makes me look as if I’m being rude. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Rusty K

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I am still having a similar problem in April 2020. After about 20 mins in a group video chat with seven other people a delay develops. It gets worse and worse until it is unmanageable (maybe 10secs each way). I think the delay is worse between me and the others than between the other participants. I am running opensuse linux on a thnkpad x201 using firefox.
Did you find a solution to this problem?