Sound delay in jitsi meet

I host a twice weekly Jitsi-meet video conference, and stream it to YouTube. I’m using a desktop PC with adequate bandwidth and processing power. My mic and camera are an integrated USB Logitech C-270 unit. My audio output is a set of PC speakers plugged into the front phone jack.

Lately, I have been having a sound delay that causes me to interrupt other people’s conversations. It’s irritating because it breaks the flow of conversation, and makes me look as if I’m being rude. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Rusty K

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I am still having a similar problem in April 2020. After about 20 mins in a group video chat with seven other people a delay develops. It gets worse and worse until it is unmanageable (maybe 10secs each way). I think the delay is worse between me and the others than between the other participants. I am running opensuse linux on a thnkpad x201 using firefox.
Did you find a solution to this problem?

Hi, Anthony
Yes, we are still having some delay, but not too bad. I’ve been having 10-15 guests on average. The delay seems worse with guests from outside the USA.

But very soon after I posted about this, I suddenly could not use Jitsi at all due to “No Streamers Available,” and I had to find another service. I switched to 8x8 and it was some better, but I could never get logged in properly, so was missing the “Follow Me” function as well as others, and I was only hosting as a guest. I attributed all of the problems to sudden overload from a newfound demand for video conferencing by lonley people sheltering from the Covid-19.

Now that Jitsi seems to have come back to life, it is stronger with better connections… until last week, when BOOM, my audio went to hell. Breaking up and un-intelligable, wretched pings, pops, and stutters, both going out from my microphone and coming back from my guests through my speakers… odd, since the mic and speakers aren’t even on the same buss. Even when I’m only recording to my Dropbox folder, not even strreaming to the GoogTube. Yiiiii, Pulls hair out, Lol. In fact, that’s why I’m here tonight, to post about that. I will start a new thread addressing that problem. BTW 8x8 bought Jitsi and uses their version of the same platform. Now I have to stream it on my PC to have control of the 'Tube Studio, and my Android tablet for audio and video, wich works fine, but is a pain in the ass.

Sorry, Anthony, I gave you a long answer but not much help. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. I personally think we are at the mercy of our streaming service.