Sorry! You are not allowed to be here

Hello, I am trying to use the Jitsi iFrame API to connect to my JaaS account. I am encountering the error “Sorry! You are not allowed to be here :(” when I try opening the meeting room. It works when I use the magic roomName on the JaaS account portal, but when I try my own name and sign with a JWT, I get this error. Here is my code:

Client Side:

const api =  new window.JitsiMeetExternalAPI('', {
      roomName: 'test',
      jwt: 'someoken',
      width: '100%',
      height: '100%',
      parentNode: document.getElementById('App'),
      userInfo: {
        displayName: 'Matthew',
        email: '',
        id: 'Matthew'
      configOverwrite: {
        enableWelcomePage: false,
        toolbarButtons: [],
        hideLobbyButton: true,
        prejoinPageEnabled: false,
        // subject: ' '
      interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
        MOBILE_APP_PROMO: false,
        RECENT_LIST_ENABLED: false


Server Side:

generateJwt(roomName) {
    const now = new Date()
    const jwt = jsonwebtoken.sign({
      aud: 'jitsi',
      context: {
        user: {
          id: 'Matthew',
          name: 'Matthew',
          email: '',
          moderator: 'true',
      features: {
        livestreaming: 'false',
        recording: 'false',
        transcription: 'false',
        "outbound-call": 'false'
      iss: 'chat',
      room: "*",
      sub: this.appId,
      exp: Math.round(now.setHours(now.getHours() + 4) / 1000),
      nbf: (Math.round((new Date).getTime() / 1000) - 10)
    }, this.privateKey, { algorithm: 'RS256', header: { alg: "RS256", typ: "JWT", kid: this.keyId }})
    return jwt

I get the same error when I use a Jitsi JWT that I configure in the jass portal.

Open the js console, there should be printed errors why you are not allowed.

There were no errors in the JS console, but I figured out the issue. The roomName needs to be prefixed with my app name. Thank you!