Sorry! You are not allowed to be here

Hello, I am trying to use the Jitsi iFrame API to connect to my JaaS account. I am encountering the error “Sorry! You are not allowed to be here :(” when I try opening the meeting room. It works when I use the magic roomName on the JaaS account portal, but when I try my own name and sign with a JWT, I get this error. Here is my code:

Client Side:

const api =  new window.JitsiMeetExternalAPI('', {
      roomName: 'test',
      jwt: 'someoken',
      width: '100%',
      height: '100%',
      parentNode: document.getElementById('App'),
      userInfo: {
        displayName: 'Matthew',
        email: '',
        id: 'Matthew'
      configOverwrite: {
        enableWelcomePage: false,
        toolbarButtons: [],
        hideLobbyButton: true,
        prejoinPageEnabled: false,
        // subject: ' '
      interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
        MOBILE_APP_PROMO: false,
        RECENT_LIST_ENABLED: false


Server Side:

generateJwt(roomName) {
    const now = new Date()
    const jwt = jsonwebtoken.sign({
      aud: 'jitsi',
      context: {
        user: {
          id: 'Matthew',
          name: 'Matthew',
          email: '',
          moderator: 'true',
      features: {
        livestreaming: 'false',
        recording: 'false',
        transcription: 'false',
        "outbound-call": 'false'
      iss: 'chat',
      room: "*",
      sub: this.appId,
      exp: Math.round(now.setHours(now.getHours() + 4) / 1000),
      nbf: (Math.round((new Date).getTime() / 1000) - 10)
    }, this.privateKey, { algorithm: 'RS256', header: { alg: "RS256", typ: "JWT", kid: this.keyId }})
    return jwt

I get the same error when I use a Jitsi JWT that I configure in the jass portal.

Open the js console, there should be printed errors why you are not allowed.

There were no errors in the JS console, but I figured out the issue. The roomName needs to be prefixed with my app name. Thank you!

Hi @Matthew_Gaba How do you set the topic of room by coding? It shows room Id, So I want to change it

Are you referring to the room name in the token? Or the room name on the url path? Also, when you say “prefixed”, was your app name separated by a(n) ( _ ) or was it sequential with nothing in between the two?