Sometime BOSH http-bind return 502

Hi, I already search inside the forum to find this but got nothing.

I already use jitsi as our conference tool and it works well! After we got higher load on our server, the BOSH (http-bind) sometime returning error code 502 like in this capture:


The Conference still run, but the experience is not smooth. I suspect this make it not smooth. Is this because of server resource (cpu, ram)? Or network (maybe not)? Or anything else?

I’d like to know maybe there is something that we can config to make the performance better.

This normally happens when there is an error in prosody, you need to check prosody logs for errors.

Thank @damencho for the reply,

if I look at the log and grep the log regarding bosh connection, i got many of this:
grep bosh /var/log/prosody/prosody.log

Are they related somehow? its like the room is missing or something. What does this mean actually?

That is strange indeed, not sure about that.

also i get this log from the jvb, @damencho

how about those warning from JVB log? any idea?

Same problem here. it might be related to nginx configuration.
Did you solve your problem ?

I solved the problem by adding proxy_read_timeout 1800; to /http-bind location
But I’m not sure this solves everything

Regarding this:

Try to Implement websocket on prosody, instead of bosh. I see less complaint now…