Somebody has been trolling my meeting. What can we do?

As I mentioned in the title unknowned person is disturbing our meeting. We know that we can set the password but the problem is he is the one who sets it first and we cannot come in to our session. I’ve changed several times the names for the session but he is still enetering. I really don’t know what to do.
I will be really greatful for your help.

This could be probably a general security problem which is not really related to jitsi itself. The URL for the room should be secret. If you choose a random URL and give it only to people you want to meet, and the intruder magically enters your room anyway, you seem to have an information leak somewhere.

It is possible or likely that you are posting the URL for the room in a place where untrusted people can see it?

Are you using your own server, or you are using In the first case, anybody having root in the server will be able to guess the room names.

First of all, as sanvila wrote, you have an security/organisational problem.
You can create a room and set a password before distributing the URL, but this
does not keep her/him out.
For that, you realise a jitsi installation with login: logged-in users (hosts) can kick him out,
and change/set password.

Thank you for your answers and time. We are using and I’m not posting it anywhere. I’m sending it via email directly to parents of my students. The intruder is really annoying. Today I have locked the room by a password. Only the children were given the passward. And he interrupted us kicking the children out. He’s really fast and he blocks us by adding his password. Everytime I change the name of the room or the password I inform only my student’s parents.
Actually I feel hopeless with this.

Well that is restricting the suspects list then :-). is not appropriate for meetings with sociopaths some children, you need a private instance for that as has been explained.
Maybe try to register a 8x8 trial version to see if there is some basic room management ? If it works for you it would give you 30 days to find a cheaper solution.

I would try installing my own server (which is easy enough). Then you could easily have the IP address of the intruder by looking at server logs.

you can also choose any of the these public instances listed here… chances are that he might not know which one you are using…

also please create a complicated room name and password…

thank you very much for all your suggestions,

Another option might have been to send different invite links to people and see which room he enters… with that information you could easily identify the culprit :slight_smile:

See what I mean about the password. it’s such and old way to protect a room make the room inviable or even server once banned and have a whitelist. I say get rid of the password and use a better method like all the other apps like snapchat and the list goes on lol
here I am again repeating myself to the devs lol, sorry about that.
8x8 Have an admin panel why does jitsi-meet not have this, it’s very easy.

Enable password and waiting room just like these guys did it… as teacher I use it.

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