Somebody droped illegal in our meeting

Hi together, on Saturday I had a Meet.jisi meeting with a friend. Suddenly somebody droped in our Meeting. At first we only saw the Icon and the name (Fede)
few secconds later it disappeard but then came back to show up with a picture of a penis!!! I use Meet.jisi as App on my Phone. Are there any other cases like this known? Thx in addvance Petra

Was there a password set on the meeting?

When starting a meeting it is important to use the meeting id that is suggested, or make your own that cannot be guessed easily. Then, if the meeting is underway, you can add a password. By adding a password you can lock the meeting to all people who are not yet in the meeting. Hope this helps you in preventing displays of unwanted body parts. The first ever meeting I tried myself, I called “Test1”. I immediately found myself in a meeting with an unknown party. This taught me to use unexpected names for sessions.

No, but in future I will do so!

Tanks for sharing your experience!

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Hello Petra,
Yesterday, Monday 25th May, an exhibitionist repeatedly crashed the meeting I had with friends.
I took a screenshot of him at 14:27 and I would like to contact Jitsi to signal the problem and hopefully find his IP address to report him.
Fantomette, a girl fed up with disgusting pigs