Some Wishlist for jitsi meet after Christmas


we are using jitsi on our own Server for conferences and sometimes for musical Instructing. Thanks to the developers for this nice software. Especially the new Additions of Breakout Rooms and surveys are greatm, but could be used for some nice extensions i think.

My personal Wish List - surely long, maybe i am missing some of this already works and i just couldn’t find it. Please understand it simply as a creative input.

  1. allow to rename Breakout Rooms

  2. allow Moderator to move paricipants (single or groupwise) between main and breakout rooms

  3. allow Moderator to create Brekout Room Moderators which can move participants to/from a single defined breakout room and switch off their audio and video there.

  4. allow the Moderator to create a “lobby with helpdesk” by sending any new discussino members directly to a special breakout room where a helpdesk team can first “check-in” them, for example to test/help adjust audio and video, to give instructions for behaviour in the main room or to ask for additional credential informations. People should then be moved from the Lobby to the Main Room by the Helpdesk Personnel (e.g. this needs to be Breakout Room Moderator for the Lobby)

  5. split up Management of Camera/Mic Switches into “wants to show Video/wants to talk” which has to be switched by the User (Defaults for room set by Moderator) and “may show video / may talk” which may be switched by Moderators only. This creates much less need to talk about “please switch on your mic/cam” because most times Users can simply keep “wants to” on and the Moderator can “give them voice” by switching “may” and it allows to keep privacy by users themself anyway.

  6. allow Moderator to limit audio/video Quality defaults for Participants by GUI including switching off AGC which is good for speech but contra-productive for Music or other audio content with well-balanced dynamics.

  7. allow to switch off Filtering of Audio Input devices for Microphones, so any available audio signal can be used as “Mic Source”, even Line In of Sound card so users can use a Studio Mic with a Mixing Desk feeding the line-in.

  8. add a “synchronous ducking group” mode for Audio that ducks the Audio Output of all group members while any of the group members speaks and ducks all Mics of the group members while any non group members speak.

Think of hybrid conferences with several Users in one Room, each using a Notebook or Tablet, and several users participating via Network. The local Users should not get the Audio of their seat-neighbour via Jitsi because they can simply hear him directly and the latency gives an Echo then. The ducking of the mics will help avoid feedback from bigger Speakers so they do not all need to wear headphones. Normally, in such a setup only maybe one set of bigger Speakers would be used for the local room and there maybe even need for a local audio amplification for a bigger audience, combining a latency-free signal from local speaker’s mics and converence audio when external people speak.

  1. a Button to be able to directly stream any local audio or video file into the conference would be nice, too.

Please do not be offendet by the long list, I would just like it considered as some creative Input. Maybe there is something valuable within.

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