Some video cannot share on youtube

I have a link but it can’t play then i use “Share youtube”. Are there any restrictions and requirements for links?

A link that the other participants can access, with no restrictions for them.

Hm, but i can see video in anonymous tab. Which difference?

Do you see any errors in the browser js console?

yes, i see in console

browser console

Logger.js:154 2022-12-12T12:31:55.966Z [react/features/shared-video/components/web/AbstractVideoManager.js] <V9.onError>: Error in the video player

i @ Logger.js:154
onError @ AbstractVideoManager.js:215
onError @ YoutubeVideoManager.js:204
(anonymous) @ index.esm.js:118
e.trigger @ sister.js:53
t. @ YouTubePlayer.js:47
p.fa @ www-widgetapi.js:478
Jo @ www-widgetapi.js:996
p.Oa @ www-widgetapi.js:1022
(anonymous) @ www-widgetapi.js:982
g @ www-widgetapi.js:576

Seems a problem with this video … testing any other video works fine.
But this is visible for just a moment … so indeed it is a setting on the video, we need to fix the error login for this… to be more obvious at least in the console errors or something.