Some video callers don't hear phone callers

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this issue has been already discussed, I have not found anything similar yet.
We use for a non-profit, we are often 6 to 12 members accessing the URL once a week.
Some in their PC navigator, some with the Jitsi app, some with phone call.
We have phone callers who are heard by half of the people but not the other half.
It doesn’t seem to come from the video members who do not hear them (they have mac or PC, Firefox or Safari).
Could it come from the phone caller? Yesterday the phone caller called with a unknown number, from her iphone.
Have you already seen that case? Cracked it?
Thanks for your attention.

I am have same issue. I seem to be the only one on the call that can’t hear callers using the call in numbers. Plays back fine in livestream or other recording and the call in’s are audible in the recording.

What browser is being used by those unable to hear the call in lines?
I am using FireFox and have that same issue. Trying a different browser now to see if that resolves the issue.

Seems Firefox has issues with Jitsi Meet. I installed Brave and works fine. I am using Linux Mint OS, don’t know if the windows version is different in any way.

I have not been able to reach the meeting since, but users that encountered the bug told me that they used Safari and Firefox.
The one who used Safari tried Chrome and he did not have the bug anymore.
I don’t know yet for the one with Firefox.

Do you know the OS of those having the issue with those browsers? Would like to know if different OS versions of the browsers all have the same issue. Thanks.

All I know is about these two:

  • PC / Firefox
  • Mac / Safari

Last time nobody called by phone, so the bug couldn’t be experienced again.

Ok, Thank You.