Some users experiencing connectivity issues


Some users are experiencing ‘connectivity issues’, but have not issue connecting to other similar services (, hangouts, youtube etc).

This is the error I get from one of them:

Logger.js:125 [conference.js] <e.value>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.setup_failed Error: ICE fail at r.peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange (JingleSessionPC.js:472) at RTCPeerConnection.peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange (TraceablePeerConnection.js:261) n @ Logger.js:125 Logger.js:125 [modules/UI/videolayout/LargeVideoManager.js] <>: hover in %s 432db707

Please advise how to diagnose this.


Is this or own deployment? Do you reproduce this on


Own deployment. Not getting the issue on Everyone joining gets the message, but there are no network issues. Annoyingly the video is monochromed, with the message in the middle of the screen, but the audio is fine. It’s there a way of making it less sensitive?


Could it be a firewall issue? I’ve just checked and found I hadn’t opened tcp:4443 and udp:10000 as per - fixed that now.

I’ve also increased the spec of the virtual machine from 1 cpu to 2, and from 2.75GB to 10GB ram.

Initial tests are good…