Some users can not hear at all

I have recently installed jitsi in our server in digitalocean and embed iframe based jitsi in our webapp…

we are using very big cpu optimized server, 64gb ram 32 vcpu server from digital ocean…

Its going good in morning classes, but later many students complaining that they can not hear anything, some classes are dropped out, stopped video+audio for students on join, i secured the server, only teachers have the password from prosody…enableLipSyncis false.

I installed following

I see all the services are at latest release.

Why our student can not hear? or call drops, can anyone please consult… please…

Thanks in advance

Did you customize the configuration to decrease the load on the client side?

channelLastN, disableAudioLevels, startAudioMuted, startVideoMuted, resolution, DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND etc.

Here is my options to connect

                disableAP: true,
                disableSimulcast: true,
                DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND: true,
                disableAudioLevels: true,
                defaultLanguage: 'en',
enableLipSync: false,
configOverwrite: {
                    enableLipSync: false,
                    disableDeepLinking:  true,
                    filmStripOnly: true,
                    defaultLanguage: 'en',
                    resolution: 480,
                    constraints: {
                        video: {
                            height: {
                                ideal: 360,
                                max: 480,
                                min: 360
                    startWithAudioMuted: !=,//mute for student
                    startWithVideoMuted: !=,//mute for student

anyone please help, we can pay your consulting fees…

Use multiple videobridge servers on moderate hosts instead of one big server.
And set channelLastN to a low value.

Thanks for your kind reply @emrah, I was thinking that also,

which approach is better? to have a load balancer with 3-4 videobridge server or having multiple separate server for each department(i.e conference, so each class will be using different server) ?

In my opinion, one main JMS (Jitsi Meet Server with prosody, jicofo, videobridge) and multiple additional JVB (Jitsi videobridge) will be better.

Easy way to create a Jitsi cluster

Thank you very much, but I was not able to get the snd_aloop in any of the server from digitalocean, i tried debian 10, ubuntu 16-18-20, i could not get snd_aloop enabled…
is that mandatory? please guide

The snd_aloop module is needed if you will record/stream the conference. This kernel module is used by Jibri. If you don’t need it, set DONT_RUN_JIBRI in eb-jitsi.conf and run the installer

echo export DONT_RUN_JIBRI=true >> eb-jitsi.conf
bash eb eb-jitsi

But If you want to Jibri (the recording/streaming capability) too, I can configure your server. Send me a message in this case or read the post in the following link:

My kernel has no support for the snd_aloop module. How can I install the standard Linux kernel