Some users can chat and are present in the meeting but are not receiving audio or video (Probably because of poor network)


I have set up my own Jitsi server and integrated the Android SDK on the client-side, everything is working perfectly fine. Now here is a case:
I created a meeting and 60-70 members have joined (everyone can join easily no problem so far).
Everyone has audio and video turned off only my video is visible to all the participants.
Now around 8-10 members complain that they can only see my Avatar and can chat, but cannot hear me or see me.
For this problem I did one thing, I joined the meeting with network speed of < 10 kbps (Because jitsi video conference is visible to all the participants with the speed of > 60 kbps). The same thing happened, I was in the meeting and can chat and see the avatar of everyone, but no audio or video present.(No problem, I just have to have good network connection)
But the strange thing is, after the above process when I improve my network connection the problem still exists. (and the network at the title bar shows < 10 kbps, even though I have good connection of 50 Mbps)
Can anyone help me why is this happening and how to resolve it?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey will you please tell me how did you solved that?