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I want to install Jitsi in my dedicated server for can create conferences. I have some easy questions, i checked in google but the info its ambiguous (sorry my english, i’m from Spain):

1- What is the difference between Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge?.

2- I saw that moderator can set password in her room. But i can enable an login system for only logged moderators can create rooms?.

I not want any random people can create conferences.

3- How many people can join to conference?.

4- To create 10 simultaneous conferences with 15 people in each one, how much RAM and which processor do you recommend on the server?

5- Jitsi work with LiteSpeed?, or only work in Apache?

6- Jitsi have module for install and admin him in WHM/cPanel?, or only work if i install him since terminal?.

7- Jitsi work in CloudLinux OS?

Thank you very much. Have nice day!

Hi, I’m new, but I will try to answer a couple of questions anyway. :slight_smile:

  1. Videobridge connects the video streams of your conferences’ participants. It is used by Jitsi Meet and included in Jitsi Meet’s package.

  2. Have a look here:

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( )

Anybody can reply me? Its very easy questions TT

For 5 participants, in my experience a minimal configuration requires 4GB of RAM. I am using a Core i3 system with good success on 50Mbit (Upload/download) with success, FHD video.

The basic rule is adding more participants will have impact no bandwidth, mostly.

Also after ~30 participants the tile view may become less friendly. If not everyone is using video, I’ve seen examples of ~ 50 participants meetings without problems on

There are several examples in the forum, for 15 I’d risk saying 8GB on Core i3 + systems is OK. If everyone uses Chrome bandwidth use would be more efficient as I understand it, again from reading here in the forums.

No idea. The quick install is what I’ve used and is the easiest on a vanilla Debian / Ubuntu system.

There is no admin web interface that I am aware of. I’ve only had to deal with 2 config files (system and UI), easily editing in a terminal as root/admin user.

I lookedup CloudLinux OS, it’s based on CentOS.

Based on searching the forums for “RHEL” and “CentOS”, I would say no.

Thank you very much for all, good information.

Have nice day!

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