Some questions with jibri

Hi all, after reading how to install jibri for recording and streaming, I have some questions:

1.- I want to record some of our meetings and I read that I must install a new server for Jibri. This new machine must have an internet FQDN like a normal server? I mean, my jitsi machine is accesible from, must I do the same for jibri? Or having it on the same LAN must be enough?

2.- What specs do you recomend for the recording / streaming machine?

3.- I see that this tutorial is to install jibri on ubuntu 16.04 server. Is there a newer one for ubuntu 18.04 or it’s the same?

Thanks a lot!

Hi all,
I can answer to my first question on my own. Finally I understand how it works. I’m kind of thick with this confinement for covid-19…

1-. in fact, it is not a web server, but a machine that connects to jitsi as another user, and you do not need to configure any apache or nginx.

I will try to install an configure my Jibri on a dual-core with 8Gb of ram, and see what happens.

Thank you all!!

Hi @gotzon, So how the result using a Dual core (2 vCPU?) with 8GB RAMs? My personal guess 2vCPU will not enough but please confirm, because I found in many discussion, 4 vCPU- 8GB RAMs is the minimum specification for a single Jibri server.

I am still testing but for now it works. I am using an Intel Xeon W3503
2,40GHZ with 2 cores and 16 Gb ram, with a 4 TB disk, when I ask jitsi to start
recording, it takes a little getting started, more and less 10 seconds
or a little more, but it works. For now I have only tested with 5 people
in the room, when I can test with more people I will post it.