Some questions about rooms already created

Are rooms once created eternal? How long before it ceases to exist?

As everything depends only on the url, is there not a danger regarding invasions in calls? Or even some url previously used for something open to a wide audience to become an open channel for illegality?
(a room I used turned into a porn camera)

On the same link used by me and two other people, me and one of them fell into a room and talked, the other fell into a different room with a stranger. How can this happen ???

When someone places a password in a room, wouldn’t it be necessary to enter it to access the room? It seems that every time someone uses the link they are able to enter directly.

no they are normally deleted as soon as the last person quits

that’s why simple URLs should never be used but instead URL with some random part to get a bit of security.

my guess is that both groups used common Urls with only a small difference and a mistake led to this.

if there is a password this will not be possible but a common point of misunderstanding is not hitting ‘enter’ after typing in the password if this is the case the password is not validated and the room not protected.