Some questions about Jitsi meet features



I’m testing Jitsi meet service, and I have some questions that I hope you can help me to solve,

1.- Do you have an approximate data of the number of video participants that are supported in a video conference room? (I know it depends on many different variables, but may be you have some statistics)

2.- Is it possible to asigne a “private room” to a user, in order he always use the same room to make his conferences?

3.- Is there any way to make scheduled conferences? This one is directly related with the question above, if you can use the same (funny) meeting URL I see the way to do this, but I’m not sure if it is supported,

4.- Is there any way to obtain the CDRs of the video calls, in order to know the number of participants involved in a meeting?

5.- Is it possible to connect H.323/SIP devices to the video room?

6.- Is there any limit of time on the video calls?

Thanks in advanced for your support,




Currently we normally limit the number of max participants in a room to 50, but we are currently working on big conferences which will support hundreds of participants.


You can use whatever meeting name you want. We will soon deploy calendar integration where users will see there events/meetings on the welcompage.

For debugging and monitoring webrtc calls we use, but this is external paid service. Also there are analytics, google analytics and option to plug your own analytics, so this can be easily implemented in custom deployments.

If you are asking about sip video there is this project which can be used for that, but it is in early stage and lack documentation, but we had successfully used it for that. Who uses H.323 in 2018?

If you are asking about, no. There is only limit for youtube streaming and the pstn calls.


Hi Damian,

Thanks a lot for your detailed responses.
You are doing a great work with this nice tool,




Hi @damencho

is the limit configureable? if so how do i set it?

what is the current limit of time to youtube streaming ?


We are doing this using a prosody module on

This is also a setting we choose to do for, as streaming costs money/machines up and doing this and is a free service. The current limit is 1.5 hours, I think.


which module? name? is it open source?

how do i configure this in my server?


This had not been published in the open source project, I will add it in my todo list.


thanks @damencho really appreciate the info :smiley:


Hi @damencho,
any updates on publishing the limit max participants in a room module?


I will try to create the pr these days




Hi @damencho,
Thank you so much for sharing it. I want to ask, how to enable this module? first I created the module in /user/share/jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins folder. then in the /etc/prosody/conf.d/my-domain.cfg.lua file added the following lines,

plugin_paths = { "/usr/share/jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins/" } 
VirtualHost ""
authentication = "internal_plain"
muc_max_occupants = 2
muc_access_whitelist = { "" }
modules_enabled = {
            "ping"; -- Enable mod_ping

now when I restart i see that module is loaded but nothing happens, when 3rd participant joins in the meeting. he doesn’t get max_limit_reached message. I am using latest jitsi-meet, jicofo and jvb from stable repo. only prosody I am using different Prosody trunk nightly build 747 (2017-02-19, 428d4abee723)

Am I missing something?


It is written in the module description: This module is configured under the muc component that is used for jitsi-meet
You are activeting it under the main virtual host, but you need to activate it under the muc component.


thanks it worked!! really appreciate ur help :smile::smile::+1::v::vulcan_salute: