Some questions about Jigasi

I have installed Jigasi and Asterisk. For sip-client i use Zoiper.
I have some questions:

  1. I can invite (call) twice to the same number from the same conference, while the Zoiper will display 2 calls. Is this normal behavior or does the jitsi need to understand that a call to this number is already in progress? And also i see 2 tile with participant on conference/

  2. I do “mute everyone” but i can hear sip-client in conference.

  3. If i have 2 different sip-client and do “mute everyone” then I can’t hear them in the conference, while they can successfully talk to each other.

You have invited it twice, you will have two jigasi participants. This is normal.

For muting you need to support this on the sip side where jigasi is registering. As you need to implement IVR menu for muting an unmuting. It is implemented using json messages over SIP info messages in the call

There is an example IVR implemented with voximplant and mute unmute here

There is a repo with the vox scripts, you can implement similar in asterisk.