Some problems behind reverse proxy

Hi everyone, I’ve been struggling a bit with my setup and thought that it might be something obvious for people on here.

I set up a jitsi instance on - it’s in a VM with an IP of The host has a reverse proxy that proxies through port 80 and 443 to the VM, and iptables forwards UDP ports 10000-20050 to the VM as well as TCP ports 4443, 4222, 5269, 5280 and 5347.

The web interface seems to work fine, but users can’t see any callers except themselves. My browser’s console has a lot of messages like:
2020-03-20T20:58:58.432Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] : Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.

I read through posts with other users who had similar problems, but couldn’t find a solution. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi Jonathan,

im facing the same problems. Do you have any solutions for your problem?

I couldn’t figure out why it was unhappy with the routing that I did, so I ended up installing it in a new VM with it’s own dedicated ipv4/ipv6 addresses, now it works fine. I’ll have to revisit this some time because I do want it to work as it did in my original setup.