Some problem with security


I’m one of the user of jitsi, and my friend made an server.

Me and my friends were playing in jitsi, and today we got a problem.

Anyone can join the server, and anyone can kick player or share youtube video.

But, someone made password after me and my friends were out at the server today.

So, we can’t join or do anything else!

It’s okay to just just make another server.
But, is there anyway to choose the moderator for many people?
(Also, how to be a moderator in the own jitsi server?)

We don’t want to make password, and like…
Only the moderators can change the password, and everything is same as before.

Please help me…
Or at least help me to find a way to get back to the old jitsi server.


Welcome to the forum. is a public server that’s open to everybody. You cannot really reserve rooms/room names there. If you want to have a room that you repeatedly use, choose a unique word as your room name - something that no one else is likely to choose. Otherwise, whoever uses the name first has ownership for the time that the room is active.