Some PC participants are somwhere else

I am preparing video conference for max 15 people and since we are non profitable organization free option is our choice for now. Now I am testing our members one by one and trying to connect with each of them. I am using laptop with windows 10. I had no problems for now with smart phone or tablet users. But strange thing happen when I try to test those with computers, all laptop windows computers. Out od 6 tested until today 3 of them have connected without any problems. 2 have successfully connected to the room with the same name, but we couldn’t see each other. They can read the message that they are the only participant in the meeting, like I do. 1 member clicked on link and he got blank screen. No messages or anything.
So problem is that somehow some of PC participants get lost in some other room… or server or I don’t know in some paralel universe?
We are in Slovenia, Europe.
Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

Thank you!

It could be that the connection wasn’t completed, that’s why it “feels” like you are in another room. Whan this happens, it would be helpful to get the JS console logs in order to help us pinpoint the issue.

Thank you for quick reply. I do not belive that the reason could be not finished connection. We were talking on the phone during test and comparing our screens, and we both have a message, that we are the only one in the meeting. But I will try to get the JS console log with next unsuccessful test.

That message will be displayed when there are no participants, which may also happen if the XMPP connection to our backend is not established.

I understand first part of your answer, that message is displayed when there is no participants. But it was one other than me at the same time, just we were obviously in sepparate rooms? What it means that XMPP connection to your backend is not established I don’t understand. I assume it’s bad. So can I avoid it or solve it?
What about the different room names? One working the other not. Should I avoid dashes?

Without having the JS console logs I can’t really say what happened, it’s just guessing.

I sent you a message yesterday with my log and log of participant trying to connect with me unsuccessfully. Did you get it or those files were no good?

Sorry, I just saw the PM. Alas they are no good. There should be some more stuff in there, I see no attempt / error to connect. Maybe give it a bit of time?

My current hypothesis is that you ended up in a bad shard, and the room name change “fixes” it because you end up in another one.

I apologize about not sending you the right files… I just saved log from Chrome’s console but that is obviously not the right way. I don’t know what bad shard is but more important what to do to avoid it. Sorry to bother you with that but my knoledge here is very limited. Is there some knoledge base I could learn from? For now I will try to use just alphanumerical characters in room names and I.ll see if that will help.
Thank you for your time and patience!

No worries. Sorry I was a bit obtuse. You did everything right. I think more logs would show up in the console if you waited a bit, maybe keep an eye on that.

A shard is just a group of Jitsi servers. You may en up in different groups based on a number of factors, the room name being one of them. So there is luck involved, assuming my hunch is real and you ended up in an overloaded or otherwise malfunctioning group of servers.

I just did another successful test with iphone on the other end. I have changed the name to just alphanumeric chracters. Tomorow morning I have another test with pc on other end and I’ll try with the same name as today. According to my yesterdays experience I belive, that the reason for my troubles could be connected to the name of the room. Previously using dashes maybe or second possibility that system is not ok with repeating the same name again and again?
If if something gets stuck again I’ll be back. Until then … thank you!

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