Some participants from some country cannot see or hear each others?

Dear Jitsi community !!

I’m sellf hosted jitsi server, we face an issue when some participants from other country join the meeting they are not able to see or hear each others .

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Dear @damencho please help.

Is it working when you have participants outside of your internal network but in the same country?

yes it works fine in internal network, external network and for some outside country network.
i’m using opera vpn to change my ip for test

  • meet; doesn’t the issue when vpn on ;
  • my self hosted jitsi have the issue when vpn on ;
    do u need any additional details to identify the issue?
    thanks a lot in advance

Have you forwarded udp port 10000 from the public address to jvb?

Do you mean open udp 10000 in FW ?
and add<Local.IP.Address><Public.IP.Address>
in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/
if yes ?
i did it


You need to do port forwarding for UDP 10000 from your router/nat device that has the address <Public.IP.Address> to the jvb which is running on <Local.IP.Address>.
The same way you did probably (if jvb and nginx jitsi-meet are on the same machine) for port TCP 443.

jvb and nginx jitsi-meet are on the same machine
TCP ports forwarding: (22, 80, 443, 4443, 5222, 5280, 5347, 5349)
UDP ports forwarding: (3478, 5349, 10000-20000)

Not sure what is that, but does it support UDP? If you have all the port forwarding in place, maybe that is causing you the issue … no idea.

if opera VPN cause the issue .
i test it with > work fine
issue in my self hosted jitsi .

Maybe it works over TURNS

Hi @emrah please can you provide a full guide how to setup and configure TURNS for jitsi ?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile: