Some options in config.js doesnt work after newest jitsi update


we have an jitsi meet Server at our company and tried to update to the latest release the last days.
the update went well but after the installation, the jitsi server doesnt use some options in our edited config.js
in the config.js we tried different options to see if we made some mistakes at editing the config.
it seems that some options like startWithAudioMuted: true or startWithVideoMuted: true will not be used anymore.
are these options no longer possible in the config?

Thank you

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Same here.
I even manually updated the config.js file just in case, since it’s not automatically updated on apt upgrade, but it’s still ignoring the startWithVideoMuted setting.
Any ideas?

You can follow this for that one startWithAudioMuted and startWithVideoMuted not as expected from config · Issue #8144 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub