Some confusions for jitsi

hi, I’m a beginner of jitsi,used janus before,which is also sfu webrtc server, I’m very glad and appreciated that jitsi use java which is rare for video stream server. But, to be honest, jitsi is more difficult than janus for me to learn. Here are some confusions for me and wish someone can help me.

  1. for janus, janus-gateway is not only sfu server but also signalling server, and the protocol for signal is http(rest), for jitsi as I know the signal server and sfu server is apart ,the signal protocol is xmpp, the signal server is prosody ,and jitsi-jicofo is used to communicate to prosody to change candidates and sdp info, and the videobridge is the sfu server(Is this correct?)
  2. if the above-mentioned is true, I want to know the api of the signal so I can access the signalling server cause I want to implements the front-end by myself(like jitisi meet)(sorry I haven’t found it)
  3. I alse noticed that this are some rest api to access the signalling server, which the url is like “/colibri/…” is this the other way to access the signalling server?
    Any helps will be appreciated , thanks and forgive my poor English expressions…


Signaling is over xmpp. But it is advised that you do not implement the protocol by yourself as this can always change. Instead use lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) · Jitsi Meet Handbook
and make sure you source the lib version from the deployment as the lib moves/updates with the new versions of the backend.

This is clients communicating directly with the bridge, it is just part of the communication.

Thanks ,it helps a lot