[solved] Welcome page: Disable mobile apps footer on docker installation

Is there a way to definitely remove the mobile apps footer from the welcome page on a docker installation? we’re in a closed lan where smartphones are not connected so this banner is useless.
Setting DISPLAY_WELCOME_FOOTER to false in web/interface_config.js do the job, but a restart of the web container reset the file and the banner is back.
I found no other permanent solution (except setting ENABLE_WELCOME_PAGE=false in the docker-compose.yml file, but I would prefer to keep the welcome page).
Thank you in advance for your help,

Finally I was able to modify parameters by creating a file in .jitsi-meet-cfg/web/custom-interface_config.js with the following content:

interfaceConfig.DISPLAY_WELCOME_FOOTER = false;

when the web container is restarted the content of this file is appended to interface_config.js, and the variables are then overloaded.

thanks to How to edit web config.js and interface_config.js · Issue #275 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub