[SOLVED] Ubuntu problems with firewall in container

Hello all,

first of all, thanks for the great work done with jitsi.
I’ve set up a server in a new ubuntu 18.04 install. The server is running on a container in proxmox (LXC container). I have secure it following the quick start instructions. Up to this point everything seems to work well.
However, since the server is running with a public IP I want to raise a firewall. This is a plain ubuntu 18.04 server install. Jitsi meet is the only thing running (beyond standard ubuntu). I have open ports 80, 443, 4443 for tcp and 10000 for udp. The system works well until I raise the firewall. With the firewall on I can create a room, and join, but there is no video or audio.
I’ve been looking around for what extra ports may be needed, but I do not see anything clearly wrong.
Can someone give me an idea of what may be happening?

Big mistake on my part. I did in fact open port 10000 udp in the server, but as source port, not as destination port.
Once set a rule to accept traffic DESTINED to port 10000 udp, it works.
Leaving the answer here in case it may serve as “inspiration” for someone like me.